While brainstorming current issues in health and wellness, we realized how many scientific journal articles have been published detailing the health issues correlated to poor air quality. One of our team members, David, had asthma as a child and thus knew firsthand the problems that people with certain respiratory issues face.

What it does

Thus we set out to create an app that would monitor the outside air quality and then open and close the windows when necessary. Additionally we wanted the app to provide analytic of the air quality for the path traveled so people can track this data.

How we built it

Our front end is built completely using React Native. The front end sends out GET requests using a REST API to our web server. Our backend is built using Python and Flask. We set different endpoints using Flask directives.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many issues dealing with setting up a Flask webserver as well as authenticating the SmartCar API. We also faced issues sizing everything to create a responsive design using React Native.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the REST API and the user-friendly design.

What we learned

How to set up a webserver, how to use the SmartCar API, How to use React Native.

What's next for SmartAir

We hope to incorporate humidity data as well as another hacker told us about how his mother's asthma suffers when it is humid. Additionally we would like to provide a Google Map type interface for planning routes to make it even easier for users.

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