Our vision is to build a completely decentralized service to improve transparency, visibility and combat fraud among advertisers, publishers and everyday Internet users in digital marketing industry.

What it does

It manages the relationships between advertisers, publishers and regular internet users via smart ethereum contracts. With a modern web3-client written in javascript using React / Redux, advertisers and publishers are able to easily collaborate with each other in an open manner.

How we built it

We implemented the platform using ethereum development framework - truffle with JavaScript React / Redux. We designed and implemented smart contracts to ensure fair and transparent collaboration between participants and than we added a modern web3-client interface.

Challenges we ran into

  • Solidity debugging pain - "big number is not a number"

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • React / Redux web3-client setup that fully works on decentralized network.
  • Smart Ad Banner

What we learned

  • We learned that big number is not a number.

What's next for SmartAd

  • Adding new features to improve user experience
  • Adding machine learning algorithms to analyze users behaviour
  • Improving the economics behind the smart contracts functionality

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