We thought about the usage of the Google Home and how it helps people on their everyday routines. However, we wanted to expand on that idea and build something similar but for the MARTA transit, called sMarta App.

What it does

The sMarta App helps facilitate navigating through a Marta station in all aspects from catching a train to finding a station with restrooms. Information given to you just by a simple voice command.

How we built it

We took the features from the MARTA App on your phone and put them into a Google Home. We gave the google home a bunch of predetermined phrases such as "arrival times for five points station red line" or "Does brookhaven station have bathrooms". The Google Home breaks these phrases down into parameters, these parameters are used in a HTTP request to a python app engine. Using these parameters our python app responds to the Google Home with the correct English phrase

Challenges we ran into

We definitely ran into a lot of challenges.

  • Connecting to the Google home to the WiFi.
  • Making the predetermined Google Home phrases
  • Deploying the python app to the Google App Engine Framework
  • Requesting the train info from the MARTA Rail API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a working app
  • Using the Google Home
  • Responding with real time train arrivals

What we learned

  • How to work as team
  • How to use the Google App Engine -How to create HTTP Endpoints
  • How to create HTTP Requests and Responds -How to code Endpoints in Python -How to Parametrize phrases -How to use a Google Home

What's next for sMarta App

-Real Time Bus Routes -Real Time Bus Location -Directions

  • Gold Line to the Nawf
  • Green line to Cobb

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