What it does

We have created a solution set that enables various examples of peer-to-peer networks in a smart city. The examples we have focused on are solar energy credits based on a homes excess output, charging station communication between autonomous vehicles, and battery providence and usage history.

How I built it

Using Hyperledger Fabric Composer and Hyperledger v1.0 on IBM Bluemix.

What's next for Smart_City_Application

Using Salesfore to interact with the applications and manage all of the network participants, assets, and transactions. Create more examples of Smart City applications across a variety of verticals. Using Datasets and Machine Learning libraries to save energy, reduce polution, and create efficiencies in the city.

Built With

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posted an update

As part of the Smart City on blockchain, I set up the blockchain on IBM Blumix Hyperledger v1. I set up the Composer environment (to write & compile smart contracts) on AWS and set up a REST API to talk to the Composer. Finally, I hooked up a Node RED instance to stream data into the REST API and talk to the blockchain.

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