With technology advancing everyday, the amount of actual live TV we watch has gone down. In its place,things like smart phones, streaming services, and other IOT (Internet of Things) Devices have taken its place. One piece of information we still require from live TV is the weather and National Alerts, which, with smart IOT devices, we do not receive. We wanted to create a smart painting that provides local weather information and any pertinent alerts the user may need. Think of it as a quick reference for the everyday user that's always on the go. The alert system will also act as a fail safe if the user lives near actual sirens that may no longer be functional. Allowing the user ample amount of time to safely evacuate or prepare for incoming weather. The main source of inspiration was the incident that happened in Indonesia where the sirens weren't properly tested and it cost the lives of 230,000 citizens.

What it does

Weather Pane displays images/GIF's based on the weather determined by the latitude and longitude of the raspberry pi, with constant weather request updates. If the API request detects an emergency alert, it notifies the user with a special image we programmed in and a siren to attract the user's attention to the alert.

How we built it

We used the Python library Pyglet to display text, images, and play sounds. We got our weather information from the Dark Skies API and used Python's JSON library to parse the data.Thus, providing accurate and constant weather information and alert monitoring.

Challenges we ran into

Using the Pyglet library was new to all of us. Having to sort out through and the bugs within the code was very time consuming and challenging. Formatting all the different GIF's so that they would properly display on the screen was another challenging task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have never built something even close in comparison, so not only that we finished but that it fully works we couldn't be happier.

What we learned

We had the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves into the full capabilities of the Pyglet libraries.

What's next for Weather Pane

The future for Weather Pane is to go further with this project - have it be a family friendly picture frame that gives weather alerts overlaid any sort of picture, GIF, or video. We're looking into increasing a pi's CPU so that it can run GIF's and videos more smoothly.

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