Our world is filled with problems both large and small. We need to analyze those problems and find solutions that are practical and easy to implement on large scale. Also, Something like saving the planet seems like an impossible task for a single person, but when start a change at ground level, it marks an overall huge impact. Hence, Smart Waste Management System is our attempt to bring that change.

What it does

This is a voice enabled system used to sort waste in the garbage bins. All you have to do is, just mention about the type of waste you want to put into it and the system will automatically open the corresponding lid and LED.

How we built it

We are using Arduino Uno as a microcontroller. Bluetooth module is used to send voice signals from smartphone to microcontroller which further controls servo motors and LEDs.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to convert the audio to text and were planning on creating our own app to do so. Unfortunately due to time constraints and inexperience, we were unable to complete this app. As a workaround, we decided to use a similar 3rd party app that also uses the Google speech to text API that we were trying to implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sometimes out of the box thinking is required to solve major issues. We are proud of the inexpensive solution we've developed to solve such a major issue of waste management. Everyone talks about climate change and saving the planet, but no one actually takes appropriate measures on the personnel level. We can use this in our day to day lives as a step to saving our planet.

What we learned

We learned more about the problems that are facing the waste management industry. Although this started as us wanting to solve our daily inconveniences, we learned more about the major problems that our cities are dealing with.

What's next for Smart waste management system

  • Instead of using smartphone, we can actually use a microphone for voice recognition that'll further reduce the cost of the product.

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