Overflow of dustbins on the streets of Addis; Disease-prone waste removal system; On-time waste collection and removal problems, and unattractive city appearance.

What it does

Automatically detects motion near the dustbin and open the lid for waste removal. If, however, the dustbin is filled up inside, it notifies the user to use the next bin. At the same time, it notifies the correct authority that the dustbin on that road/street is at its full capacity and is due removal.

How we built it

We used integration of sensors connected with Aurdino to check for motion sensing as well as dustbin capacity. The position of the dustbin is pinned on a Google integrated map which then sends a message using GSM module, and sends out the location along.

Challenges that we ran into

Lack of pieces of equipment to make a complete prototype

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given the constraints of time, we were able to come up with a good project topic, analyze and compare our project idea with several others, allowing us to view the problem from different angles business-wise.

What we learned

Rapid Application Development while working with electronics and the Internet of things.

What's next for Smart wast management system

Make a few tweaks and propose the idea for implementation in our city. Blitz-scale the project to different private firms, hotels, and other apartments and link up a possible business with recycling companies.

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