Inspiration : Many girls and women are unable to complete education either because of family responsibilities or financial hardships. We think that education should be provided free to all girls and women so they can become independent and financially stable.

What it does :

It brings virtual classes and job opportunities to all girls and women and allows them to complete courses and certifications online. They can also do vocational training at nearby locations that offer Internships or on the job training. This system uses collaborative ways to collect study material targeted for specific classes and on the job training locations. It allows students and Community Based Organizations (CBO) to add them to the system which is moderated by the CBO administrators. CBO's can also select resources relevant to the city/country from external systems like YouTube or Amazon and add them to class lists. It allows CBO's to setup virtual classes and exams for students so they can take exams online. CBO's or students can group courses for a particular class and search for Job locations where then can learn and work. The Job locations are presented to users on Google Maps. Students will be able to choose between self study or instructor led courses. The system will allow classes to be in various formats like: Video, Text, and interactive classrooms with instructor led courses.

How we built it

We built it using .NET platform. This is a web based system which searches on various education sites to collect study material and various Job Sites to search Work and Learn locations. All the data is moderated and is presented to the students who actually need it. Locations are presented using Google Maps. This uses lot of JQUERY and Javascript to read books and view material. This system is Bootstrapped so it works on all mobile devices (phone/tablet/Kiosk/Laptops/PC).

Challenges we ran into

As we wanted to make it mobile friendly so integrating and testing was difficult and time consuming. Finding users to use and give feedback was also very time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This web app will help girls and women globally and will bring targeted results to them. This system is customizable and can be personalized by any CBO. Students will be able to become financially independent by finding work that provides on the job training and is ready to hire once the training is completed. It will offer targeted classes needed to complete the education. Online Evaluations and Certifications will help the users get certified and ready to find their next job.

What we learned

We as a team learned that brainstorming and sharing ideas can lead us to the next best idea that has the potential to change the lives of many. Time management is another aspect that we learned how to overcome.

What's next for SMART Virtual Education

We want to launch our system globally and would like organizations and women to participate and to become educated online.

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