Hi I'm Alfonso Fiorentino from "Comune di Santa Fiora" and "Unione dei Comuni Montani Amiata Grossetana", rural areas Municipalities in Tuscany. We are pleased to candidate our territory to test the best solutions that will be presented by Problem Solver Teams and Individuals and to stimulate the teams of innovators participating in this hackaton.

The idea that we propose for our territory consists in developing all the preconditions for transforming a mountain and rural area of ​​Tuscany into a smart-village with ultra-broadband internet connection infrastructures (by June all the houses in Santa Fiora will be able to already rely on FTTH 1000Mbps fiber optic connections).

We want to give the opportunity to those who work today from home in a small city apartment and live with a large family to be able to continue working in the same way but in a larger house, with large open spaces to play sports, relax and let their children play in a healthy and comfortable place. We firmly believe that thanks to the new technological infrastructures available today, all this is possible!

We want to organize safe spaces equipped with non-pervasive control systems for children to play in spacious environments, guaranteeing sociality while respecting the minimum safety distance between individuals, foreseen for the covid-19 emergency.

We also want to create itineraries for walks and tracking, tourist routes with technological systems based on sensors of Bluetooth and WiFi signals that intercept the beacons sent by smartphones every 100 milliseconds, in order to always make known to those who stroll outside what are the areas with the lowest number of people, thus always guaranteeing the possibility of respecting the minimum individual safety distances provided as a means of preventing contagion from Covid-19.

Help us develop all this and we could together create a model that can be re-proposed on similar areas of the Tuscany and other European territory in general!

Our territories are available in the form of a test environment and for the development of these ideas in production.

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