As we know the world needs a helping hand in this difficult time period and ventilator shortage is a really big issue across globe. I come from India where we have only 20,000 ventilators for 1.3 billion population which is almost 1 ventilator for every 65,000 people. This condition inspired me to do something for the humanity, since i am doing mechanical engineering I targeted mechanical ventilators and tried to increase its efficiency to the fullest

What it does

I have made and special attachment which can be attached to any ventilator. this attachment is nothing just a simple 4T pipe splitting into 4 at the end which can be attached to the outlet of ventilator to use a single ventilator for multiple patient. Now the hack is that I have attached an unidirectional flow control valve at the ends of these junction this allows us to control pressure in each pipe an also stops cross contamination which enables it to be used in any situation irrespective of the type of patient we have Also all these flow control valves are connected to micro controller which is further connected to an APP which enables a single doctor to regulate many ventilators and much more patients just through a tap of a button in the app

How I built it

I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design the 4T pipe and the flow control valve and used the same software for the assembly of the same (4T pipe and unidirectional flow control vale ) Further I have Made and entire assembly which exactly reflects how the real world attachment will look like I did flow simulations on ANSYS and used ANSYS Fluent tool for taking out computational fluid dynamics of the flow and taking out different pressures and calibrations to achieve a viable scale for the APP IOT part is done on Arduino micro controller and IOT modules like Node MCU etc for the control of these valve Making an APP for this setup so that the doctor can control all of them through an APP

Challenges I ran into

  1. TO find appropriate pressure stats for an ventilator and developing perfect calculations for the pressure calculations

  2. Since I am a mechanical engineer so i don't have much knowledge of these IOT although i have made a simple IOT model in Proteus but i wasn't able to make a very good code for the same

  3. The biggest challenge with which i am still struggling is to build the APP due to no knowledge of the APP i am searching for someone who can help me in coding aspects of IOT and building APP part for the project

What I learned

A lot more about fluid dynamics, building equations and getting results out of iy. Tackling new challenges like methods of stopping cross contamination without any additional part . Generating an ideas so that it can meet every aspect like cost, application, etc

What's next for Smart Ventilators

Trying to build a really good APP for it and refining codes for IOT part so as to make the system more and more effective and easy to use

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