Inspiration(Smart University Bot App )

When we are going to colleges , universities students aw well as techers are facing many problems like wandering here and there for even a small work because of ignorance of knowledge , also if students want to change or update any data then he has to facy many problems also these problems are for teachers in big colleges ,also notes , study material and many more daily life problems also became a big challenge . So , I am also a college student and facing many problems and seeing my environment i came up with idea in a small level to implement .

What it does

It is a application which are used to make our daily life easy and full of comofrt and to make work easier also helpful in students studies and can explore in many ways. ** below are some functionalities of this app :- 1 In college , universities has to face many daily life problems like maintaining attendence ,fetching of detials , results and dates of event and many more to over come all these problems it is helpful

2 also maintaining attendence and if we want to fetch some data of students as as well as ours or other we would fetch all these in just a one click . It is helpful for proper maintaining of records of students and teachers. 3 Also helpful in exams , placements times for preparation and to access study material and to gain guidence , and other works related to fees , results , exams etc

4 Basically this app is a backbone , as it is a bridge , communication and support among universities , colleges and students 5 also helpful in maintaining different types of records of related to students and colleges and to update them and to edit them and to work also for admission process & information regarding fees

6 It also has more future related to education which is no doubt beneficial for students a lot , it mostly solves all the daily life problem of students / teachers which seems to be small but taking a lot of time

7 It is a plateform which is totally a beneficial communication and bridge among college , universities ,students and teachers .

8here is a lot of functionalities among which all helps students and make their education , studies more easier and cost effective and efficient in someway .

How we built it

It is built in java , python , Swing , AWT , MySql , Launch4j , Visual-Studio and using other frameworks and technologies

Challenges we ran into

When I start working as I am new at I am facing a lot of difficulties like undesired output of query and database error and many more not properly running of app , but afterall these i start work and learning more and more and finally its mostly working fine

Accomplishments that we're proud of

HackerRank & HackerEarth • 5 star-Batches in HackerRank Coding Plateform • 1500 ratings , 5-Star Badges and active participation in many coding contests.and secured good rank.

India Book Of Records & International Book Of Record Holder Google Kickstart | March 2021 [Snayak0418] • Round E: Global rank 3000 out of 15000+ participants Facebook HackerCup | 2021 [Saurabh0418] • Qualification Round : Global rank 12000 out of 35000+ participants Google Codejam | 2021 [Snayak0418]

• Qualification Round Qualified

Capegemini Regional Tech-Challenge

• Round-1 cleared

Cognizant TechGig Tech-Challenge • Qualified for Semi-Final

What we learned

Here we and I learned first a life lesson that keep practising and one day you will gain what you want here after participating with this project i face many problems also aware about some new information , technologies , frameworks etc

What's next for Smart University Bot App

It is now this not much advance but after sometimes I further work and changes (addup with aL and MI and other technologies)and update this app for more productivity and making the education more easier and full of fun and enjoying and to cope up with many daily life problems .

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