Smart University An application that changes the student life...

Brief Description The university life is completely different from the middle school. Despite the start at new university might be extremely challenging, no one will accompany a first year student around the campus holding his hand and explaining everything. Smart University tries to cover all the topics that are useful for an average student:

Where the next lesson is going to be? How to get there? Who are your classmates? How to contact them? Dormitories? Where are they? Canteens? Daily menu & prices. Their location and ratings based on the people's opinion. Basic information about the registered couses. The schedule of courses.

The application has a great potential of integrating with the university databases. The MAIS databases might be very precious in the further development if the university management is interesting in project.

How to get started? First of all, the newbie is obliged to register or log in using the university credentials (university email and password). As the security measure, the registartion confirmation link and additional information regarding the chosen password are sent to the specified email. Also, the student has to provide the informatio about the faculty and the major to ease the application management. After the successful log in into the application system the user is provided to with all facilities of the application! The in-app navigation is done using the convenient side panel containing all the necessary tabs. The user can choose the tab depending on the information he / she is interested in.

Campus navigation Application provides in-campus navigation based on the Google Maps api. The location of the next class is dislplayed among the university buildings. The same is conserning the dormitories and canteens.

Canteens info Every canteen the students are able to eat at, using the ISIC accout is displayed in the list of canteens, including the location on map, ratings, ISIC account and the daily menu. Ratings are obtained using the Google services.

Group chat Group chat is the very breaktrough in the university life. Using this application, the students are no longer have to search for the classmates at the social media merely to ask the homework! The only thing that is required is to choose chat menu at the specific subjects tab. Everybody who has the same subject at the same time is added to the real-time group conversation.

Additional information The application also provides a variety of different info about the subjects, lecturers and other university facilities. There is no point in describing every line of text located at application screens. It's better to test it yourself!

How is it implemented?

The Smart University aplication is accomplished using the React Native technology. Redux and partly AWS Amplify are used to manage the backend side of the application. In addition, Google Firebase is used for authentication services and group chat. At the moment, the application is at the development stage in the hope that in the future it will work as described above, without any deviations.

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