Here's a blog post detailing the process of how I built this:


I often binge watch TV shows and wonder where all the time has gone. Smart TV Watcher limits the time I can watch TV effortlessly.

How it works

The watcher solves math problems. Each correct answer adds time to a time bank. When you turn on the TV, it checks the time bank and allocates the available time before the plug turns off again. The more problems you solve, the more time you get to watch TV. If you run out of time, the TV loses power and turns off. Game over!

Challenges I ran into

Having joined the challenge late, I didn't get smart plug from Weaved. I used a SmartThings plug instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to control a smart plug and solve a problem of watching too much TV.

What I learned

IoT is awesome.

What's next for Smart TV Watcher

Adjusting the timeout process. I want to improve experience of extending time while watching a show. And the math exercises could be expanded to be more challenging as the length of time grows.

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