"Knock-Knock" application is a utility application for Samsung Smart TV users. This application provides important mobile notifications on Smart TV. This application enables end user to get following mobile notifications on Smart TV:

  1. Incoming call notification
  2. Missed call notification
  3. New Message notification
  4. Low battery Notification User needs to install “Knock-Knock” on Smart TV and its co version on mobile device. At present, the required OS for mobile is Android. Once the User installs “Knock-Knock” on both the sides, he/she will be able to get the notifications, when the mobile user is in proximity of the Smart TV and user invokes the application on Smart TV. However, this application runs in background on the Android device without hampering other phone activities or applications. Try “Knock-knock” to be prompted for your mobile notifications, while watching your Smart TV in your leisure time.

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