Smart Trip is inspired by the problem that arises during post-covid which people are afraid to travel with safe feeling especially those with family. Besides that, Smart Trip also designed for that vendor that got impacted because of pandemics. In order to bounce back to the joy of travel, we want to create a seamless experience that everyone likes.

What it does

Smart Trip provides a one-stop solution for both tourists and vendors. Users easily explore the available event, and able to see some details about the event like capacity, rules, facilities, photos, and safety meter. Safety meter takes into account the total capacity with the amount of ticket that has been sold. This guarantees the user able to understand the risk of the venue. For the vendor, they also easily update their items and got free marketing by us and as well benefited from free recording services, that they only need to scan the QR Code to see the detail of the ticket and match the ticket to the database. For the tourist as well the application is so easy and compact, they only need to search, buy and show. No need login or other unimportant data. We as the third party/bridging will provide a solution for both party by reducing contact between user and vendor. User pays the ticket, we forward back the payment to the vendor and verified the payment as well the ticket.

How we built it

With Xcode and SwiftUI, the latest apple technologies help us to develop the UI/UX faster than we thought. Since we don't want to reinvent the wheel of backend, we use firebase for our database (please ask us for share the roles of firebase db)

Challenges we ran into

Connecting with firebase and some limited functionality with tight deadlines. Since we register on the first day of the hackathon, and both of us are working professionals we need to manage time between work and this project. However, we feel the joy and learn new things while creating Smart Trip. The app still has some bugs and limited functionality however it can be considered a contender for the MVP project of this hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an application in SwiftUI, creating the backend using firebase, and searching the fact of some problem in the APEC region. With 1 week duration, we are able to accomplish such things, and we are very proud of it.

What we learned

How APEC region got huge losses after pandemic in economic perspectives and we learn that as human we need to help the society back to the joy of traveling. Also, we learn a lot about such technologies and believe the future of traveling will be joyful more than ever.

What's next for Smart Trip

Polishing the MVP and infrastructure as well stabilizing the code before going to the market and find the prospect vendor as well more investors. Once it is done then we can grow the product.

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