Did you ever miss your destination because you slept through your travel or you were not familiar with the new route ?

'Smart Travel' is just what you need. Smart Travel will alert you, when you are near to destination place.

Smart Travel is an integrated app. It Contain a mobile app and a gear App.

How it Work.

User can set alarm location( It is a auto suggestion from Google places) and Alarm Before value. When he reached specified location the app will show alert in both mobile and gear watch.

Mobile App features are

  1. Set Alarm.

    Set the Location Alarm

  2. Where Am I

    Will show the current location in map.

  3. Also able to login with facebook ( logined user can share their location using Gear App this option is pending it will activate after get the approval from facebook)

Gear Watch App Feature

  1. Alarm

    He/She can check the active alarms.

  2. How Far.

    From this option your can check the remaining distance between the Current Location and Alarm Location.

    If Any of this location not available the system will return 'Distance Not Available' Messgae (Note : Application using GPS for getting current lovcation. So location not accurate when you are on inside of building')

  3. 'Where Am I'

    He/She can get current place details using 'Where Am I' Option.

  4. Around Me

Another Option is 'Around Me'. Using this option user can find the Atm,Petrol Pumb, Hospital etc at that place along with direction.


System using GPS for better result need to go to out side. if GPS not available system will use mobile network

Application using GPS for getting current location. So location not accurate when you are on inside of building')

To work this app user need to enable gps and internet. In First time Gps need some time to get the current location.

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