Sometimes you can get frustrated when your roommates won't throw out the trash. So we tried to fix that with our smart trash bin!

What it does

Smart Trash Bin lets you and your roommates have a civil way of handling trash disposal. First, you can input all the names of your roommates and set a schedule for everyone. Then when trash is full, it will send a reminder to the person who has to throw the trash out. If that person doesn't do that in a timely manner, the app will send more passive-aggressive texts.

How we built it

We built it using React-Native, Expo, and Microduino (Distance Sensor).

Challenges we ran into

Sending sensor output to our app via Bluetooth communication was hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Never done app developing before. but we made something!

What we learned

How to do ios development and code Arduino sensor.

What's next for Smart Trash Bin, Trashy

We could add features using DocuSign API, such as roommates agreement.

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