The biggest inspiration was to manage the problem of lack of transparency in Challan system that became largely noticable after the heafly challans. The current challan system also lacks a systematic behaviour in filing and management of challans.

What it does

Our Web app offers a centralized system to :

  • Help people view their challans and report if not found (case of fraud).
  • Enables Traffic Officer to upload the challans data and get a corresponding payable receipt.
  • Provides Insight Analysis based on traffic violation data.

How we built it

Front-end :

  • Used standard front-end stack - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • We also used BootStrap css and Chart.js for visualisation.

Back-end :

  • Used FireBase as a backend service.
  • FireStore for Realtime Database and Authentication service.

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing a transparent system for challans.
  • Providing analytics from the data stored on FiseStore.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building everything in a single webpage while providing different access rights to different users.
  • Helping to improve the challans system.

What we learned

  • FireBase, FireStore, BootStrap, adding Payment Gateways in web apps

What's next for Smart Traffic Challans

  • Provide more analytics
  • Try to implement it in action.
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