Inspiration : Now a days whole world facing the novel Corona Virus, to track the spread of novel Corona Virus country-wise, details of confirmed cases, deaths and Recovered, awareness regarding COVID-19. This Android app was created to spread awareness about the covid -19 virus.

What it does :

The Android app named as ‘SmartTracker-Covid-19’ created to spread awareness about the COVID -19 virus. App includes following functionalities:

  1. CoronaEx Section - This section having following sub components: • News tab: Having latest new updates. Fake news seems to be spreading just as fast as the virus but as we have integrated from official sources so everyone will be aware from fake news. • World Statistic tab: Real-time Dashboard that tracks the recent cases of covid-19 across the world. • India Statistic tab: Coronavirus cases across different states in India with relevant death and recovered cases. • Prevention tab: Some Prevention to be carried out in order to defeat corona.
  2. CoronaQuiz section - quiz that will help people know about the Corona virus and its effects on human body. It chooses random questions and show the correct answer for the questions and at the end user will get to know their highest score.
  3. Helpline Section - As this application particularly made for Indian citizen to use, all state helpline number of India included.
  4. Chatbot Section - A self-assisted bot made for the people navigate corona virus situation. Common Questions: Start screening,what is COVID-19? , What are the symptoms?

How we built it :

We built with using Android studio. For the quiz section we have used sqlite database and live news data we have integrated from the News API. For the coronavirus statistic we have collected data from worldometer and coronameter.

Challenges we ran into :

At time of integrating the chatbot in application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

Though , It was the first attempt to create chatbot.we have tried to up our level at some extent.

What's next for SmartTracker-COVID19 :

For the better conversation we will be looking to work more on chatbot.

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