This may be grim, but this is a topic we all need to face sooner or later. When a person dies, there are no institutions and procedures in place to handle their cryptocurrencies. This is an area where a relatively simple smart contract can ensure our funds are not lost forever and they can be transferred to a beneficiary of our choosing (e.g. our family member).

What it does

Smart contract version of last will that uses dead man's switch mechanism to automatically transfer funds to the selected beneficiary in case of crypto holder's death. The contract uses Chainlink oracle to connect to an external adapter which checks whether the testator has been recently active in social media (Twitter).

How we built it

I relied heavily on awesome workshops by Patrick. I used Truffle for development.

Challenges we ran into

I run out of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I still got it to kind of work despite this being my first foray into the smart contract world.

What we learned

That smart contracts are awesome and I want to continue learning about them.

What's next for Smart Testament

I'll try to finish the UI and make it all work as a standalone dApp. I'll use the experience of building it to potentially work on some other project, maybe I'll get enough courage to enter the next hackathon that comes along :)

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