Earlier this month I wrote a python script to follow the Instagram user. But, after running the script a couple no. of times I found out that Instagram got a good check on bots and my script failed, instead of following 100 or more Instagram users in a minute it only follows 5 or 6 and then stops. In this whole story, I followed a person named "X". On the other day, "X" messaged me "Hello" and when I replied to him, "X" said he doesn't know English and then the conversation ends.

so I thought I will make a chat application in which user can interact with other people in the language in which he/she is comfortable.

But after some days I faced a very similar issue with the customer support of Namecheap. they can only help you if you know "English" and if you don't know English ask some other people to help you in translation.

What it does

In simple language, whenever a company signup in our application, they get an API key and a dashboard. they can easily integrate the API key in their application and with the help of the dashboard they can interact with people who wants customer supports from them.

As this is a real-time application, everything updated in real time both in user and client window. Now the main part is this application allow the user to interact with the customer support in the language in which user wants.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Firstly we took node.js frameworks to work smoothly in the time domain. But the file structure was complex to learn it in a few minutes. After wasting around 6 hours in Meteor, we finally moved to cakePHP as we are more familiar with it. Finally, we somehow managed to run the backend in a comparatively smooth time domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As you know that we used CakePHP, angular.js, and Jquery to built this application, but still we somehow manage to make this application work in real time.

What we learned

With this project, we learned to make a real time application with PHP on the back-end.

What's next for Smart Support

Our client side is limited to English language only. We will soon come with an updated version with some if the common languages on the client side as well.

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