After viewing my board as a Word Cloud, I realized that the concept of summarizing and presenting data in a quickly digestible fashion could be improved upon. So with the aid of the Natural Language Processing API, I sought to create a board view that would extract not only keywords, but also keyphrases, which I think is even more important in order to understand the context of what's happening in a project. Smart Summary is powered by artificial intelligent language processing in order to help you quickly visualize tasks that matter most.

What it does

Smart Summary provides a new way to visualize board data by identifying key tasks and summarizing them in two easy-to-understand formats: on the left, similar to a word cloud (but smarter), a list of key words and phrases are displayed in order of importance. The larger the font and the closer it is to the top of the list lets you know which tasks you should focus on first. On the right, a pie chart presents the data in a color coded fashion.

By using one of the most powerful natural language AI APIs around, Smart Summary provides an intelligent, novel way to identify bottlenecks and important tasks.

How we built it

Smart Summary is a app built in React/JS that interfaces with a Python script leveraging the NLP API. Board data is filtered and passed to the API in order to create a list of key words and phrases, with each word or phrase receiving a relevancy score.

Challenges we ran into

This was my first and React-based app, so there was definitely a learning curve here. Getting the Monday app to work with the Python script was challenging as well mainly due to issues with cross-origin resource requests being blocked, but I found a method to allow these two components to communicate despite being hosted on different domains.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud to give the Monday community a new way to look at items on their boards. I hope this new board view empowers teams by saving time and energy deciding upon which tasks to focus.

What's next for Smart Summary

I plan to find even more ways to display the data visually, also giving the user a way to customize and save visualization preferences.

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