After years of frustrated cursing, begging, and pleading with our computers, we decided it was time our computers actually listened.

What it does

A voice command plugin for Sublime Text, Smart Sublime will take basic commands to handle everyday coding tasks, like making files, inserting code snippets, and even googling your problems for you!

How I built it

Using the Sublime Text Plugin API, we wrote Smart Sublime in Python, combining some REST APIs like speech-to-text voice recognition, Google Search API, and Sublime's own API, while carefully trying our best to remain platform independent, just like Sublime Text is!

Challenges I ran into

Maintaining the integrity of the plugin in regards to platform was our biggest challenge. Just because it worked on one laptop didn't mean it worked everywhere, and we wanted to make sure this plugin was accessible to anyone and everyone. We also had to track API keys, being careful with security, memory, and credentials.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a functioning prototype! There is always room for improvement, but we managed to create a functioning plugin in just about 24 hours. It can currently only understand English and insert Java code, but our setup makes it easy to expand into any language, natural or programming!

What I learned

With perseverance and teamwork, almost any task is doable, even one as daunting as a 24 hour challenge.

What's next for Smart Sublime

We plan on going open source and letting people all over the world contribute their linguistic knowledge. Hopefully people can run with this idea and make Smart Sublime truly irreplaceable. From Arabic to Ruby, this plugin can (theoretically) handle it all, with a little bit of hacking, of course.

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