The main inspiration are never-ending waiting lines at study department and long waiting time. And the worst problem is people skipping lines.

What it does

These apps help manage waiting lines by generating position number in queue and showing estimated waiting time for all of users. Each referent manages those lines themselves what is more efficient than waiting in queue even if the queue of your referent is empty.

How we built it

We build two apps separately. Web app is only for referents to call people in lines, whereas smartphone app is for students or other users that need help.

Challenges we ran into

The most interesting challenge was to properly set up server with database and connect it with apps.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We managed to successfully build apps to hopefully help people in crucial times like waiting in long queues.

What we learned

We learned that not everything is so simple that it seems. Even trivial things can block you for several hours. Those moments are very frustrating but we learned that it can't stop you, you need to face and beat the problem.

What's next for Smart Študijné oddelenie

Hopefully school developers will like this idea, and we are sure that other students will like it.

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