In this 20th century many of us in the technology field have had converted every little things into automated or machine operated things. Now coming back from huge world I started thinking the old traditional way of cooking in a LPG gas stove or burner. Though there are alternative way of cooking are also available in this time like induction cooking. In India it is more likely to find a gas-stove in every 8 out of 10 house. Keeping in mind with many such cases such as leakage of gas, forgetting to off the burner in time, over-cooking due to forgetting about the dish when engaged in a different work## What it does

How we built it

I had built the device using node MCU as the main microcontroller connected with the internet and collecting all the sensors value such as the gas sensor and fire sensor from the stove and also to control the fire intensity of the gas nobe through rotating the gas-nobe using servo attached through clams and screws.

Finally every thing is connected to the blynk app to make an easy UI for the best user experience. Also I had used the twilio API for informing the user when the device takes any action using SMS.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges I had faced is the time constraint and also in this hackathon I was new to the Blynk app so it took some time for me to cope up with that. Also the main challenge i faced is to rotate the nobe using the servo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • I made the simple stove into full IoT based gas stove
  • I learned how to use the blynk app
  • I learned about the circuit of arc-lighter.
  • Use this small time span to complete the project.

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