Redesigning the whole game time experience for the passionate fans to ensure they enjoy the game to the fullest without hassling around logistics and other distracting yet important aspects. Smartifying(IoT-izing) business decisions by enabling advertisers to target the right audience via data profiling. Essentially, Advertising by IoT-izing !!

What it does

Android application: Provides fans seamless stadium check-in and enable them to get to their seats without stewards needing to guide them around.

GPS does not really help in Indoor Navigation, this is where we felt using beacons prove useful. Just based on their ticket/seat number, the application on their phones selectively receive messages from beacons to help them reach their respective seats. Once there, the next workflow begins catering their needs.

A win-win for fans, stadium associations and of course the advertisers and the other stakeholders (Facebook, Instagram). Must be thinking how everyone benefits out of it?? Fans will have to pay cheaper ticket prices as stadium associations have additional source of income and obviously fans will come across the advertisements of brands they prefer.

Whats more? Web Application !! Voluntary Facebook integration allows our system to get a sense of the individuals gathered together at the stadium and a fair idea of the passions they all collectively share based on the posts they like on facebook, the pages they follow,the events they RSVP and so on.

Advertisers are then made aware of the potential of connecting with the right audience via an advertising portal and a transparent online bidding eco-system to get the right advertisements up on the big screen.

How we built it

Android Application: We built the android application on android studio and integrated beacon technology for indoor navigation. Web Application: We built the web application where the backend implemented was using javascript and front end was done using bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

First challenge was configuring beacons, then was to integrate it with our app for indoor navigation and push offers/advertisements. Then for the web app, the customized use from graph API and filtering the data fetched from MongoDB. Designing an algorithm for generating popularity rating points for various brands. Challenge in using a single server for hosting Web and Android.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could build a service where all types of users benefit right from fans to big advertising giants. Beacon Integration, Smart decision making by data profiling with the help of Facebook API (based on popularity rating points). We were able to develop both an Android and a Web application within 36 hours.

What we learned

We learned how to program Beacons, extract data from facebook's graph API. Designing multi purpose web-services, which works for both web and mobile applications (Micro-Services Architecture).

What's next for Smart Stadium

Building a total smart stadium where we provide:

  1. Stall vendors a good sense of their target audience and the seating arrangement.
  2. An opportunity to advertise through beacons to the vendors.
  3. In game statistics to fans.
  4. Smart parking
  5. Emergency services
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