Access to data provides knowledge and insight. It has proven to make you better, whether it's a better driver with the new cars being able to display avg. fuel consumption activity as you press the gas pedal, or an app such as Carrot inspiring you to walk a certain # of steps/day by tracking and notifying you of your current status and goal. This idea provides a similar incentive for power consumption in all homes for everyday people and use.

What it does

It is able to read voltage and current being passed into a load via +/- terminals and calculate power through these values. Outputs power via IBM Bluemix and Watson using ESP8266 to track it online. It is also able to display live on an LCD on the outlet. The program calculates cost using Ontario Power Guidelines for $use/day/time.

How we built it

We created a project on IBM Bluemix and used that as an interface to communicate to the ESP8266 wifi shield. The wifi shield connects to the current sensor which is sensing the current and voltage of the load. It then sends values to the computer via wifi, where all the calculations are done.

Challenges we ran into

Being able to read sensor values on the IBM platform and the current sensor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team work, all nighter, We successfully connected and got everything working in time.

What we learned

We learned to use IBM platform for IoT, plan ahead with equipment and maybe prepare to know how to use it.

What's next for Smart Socket

Go big

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