Problem - No one likes to stand in a queue to pay their bills. Also many missing their due dates and paying heavy fines. Also, a society needs a solution to interact with the secretary and resolve their problems.

What it does

The app automates the process of bill payments. Our solution plans to integrate with utility providers like electricity distributing companies, gas distributing companies etc. who would provide an API that would make the process of payment complete just with a single click. The app is smart and makes sure the the user doesn't ever miss a deadline by notifying on the due date in the morning itself. Furthermore the notification provides a direct link to pay the bill. To demonstrate the feature we also built a sample API server. Also we plan to incorporate an efficient complaint redressal system for the members of the society. All users are

How we built it

By putting in more than 24hrs of hardwork and more than thousand lines of code. We used many libraries like glide,firebase and Paytm sdk.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenged we faced was managing the different versions of our project through vcs. It was a first time experience for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we made our app run successfully and all the ideas we had in the beginning of the hackathon were implemented successfully. Over all it was a wonderful first time experience.

What we learned

Working on a project in a team and using vcs. Using Paytm SDK was quite a difficult task.

What's next for Smart-Society An automated solution for a better life.

Voice activated dog collars and mobile app to notify when the pet is hungary and how is it feeling.

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