We were inspired by the idea of using Ethereum Elliptic Curve cryptography to build a system that allows companies and users to share and sign documents digitally, by making a decentralized proof of existence for both signatures and documents

What it does

It takes PDF files and uploads them to a decentralized files system (IPFS) and uses Ethereum Cryptographic technologies to sign documents and uploads the proof of agreement to the Ethereum Blockchain via an smart contract

How we built it

We built it with node js and react js, connecting our web application to an Smart Contract using RPC and Web3. It also uses metamask as a provider to connect with private keys and generate signature information

Challenges we ran into

We have several problems with the parameters of the functions in the smart contract, since they are very low level

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed a whole application connected to blockchain that is ready to use right now as a complete MVP

What we learned

We had to deal with many different cryptographic concepts such as digital signature, hashing, elliptic curves and other stuff

What's next for Smart Sign

We have to improve the user-address relationship to increase the chances to get legal approvals when needed

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