As seniors in high schools taking Economics, we took a an interest in the stock market game and the different trends of companies over certain periods of time. However, imagine yourself visiting a friend's house. You use their new soap and instantly fall in love with it and want to buy it. The problem is, however, that your friend doesn't remember the name of the brand anymore. What do you do? What can you do? And what if your friend does know the name, but doesn't know where they got it from?

This problem became the inspiration for our app, Smart Sight. With this smartphone/tablet app, your entire world is augmented with data like never before. By using the special camera in the app, and simply pointing your device at that soap, you get back information about the product's manufacturer and you also have a way to order that good straight from the device.

In addition, for the stock traders out there, we display the stock price of company at that moment using the Bloomberg API. Then, for the stock traders who want even more info, we use the Edgar-online API to display more financial info such as debt, total assets, and more.

Along with that, we also display the amount of stocks an investor can buy of that company based on the amount of money they have in their savings account with Capital One bank.

To conclude, our app will allow users to make wise decisions and get all the info they need to either buy stock or just simply look at the company that the product is from. But more importantly, you have instant access to the vast online world wherever you are.

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