Supermarkets do not order products in a for the customer logical way. An app showing the location of products will help the customer to find the product he is searching for.

What it does

The App shows the structure of the supermarket. The user can search for products. The placement of those is then marked in the app. Moreover, the shortest path to the product is highlighted. The user can click on shelves to get a list of the contained products.

How we built it

We built the backend with a REST-API and a MongoDB as a database. The frontend is an iOS app built with swift.

Challenges we ran into

Navigation in data structures that are no graphs. Database specific issues. Learning technologies and make good use of them is not possible 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Zooming in the market structure. Reasonable data structures and handling of the data in the backend. Navigation to product.

What we learned

Plan more time for searching for bugs. Do not take on too much.

What's next for Smart Shopping

Importing shopping lists and best ways for those products. User specific advertisement. Real super market data.

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