To help small scale business owners survive in post covid era.

What it does

The web application that I built helps local businesses such as grocery stores,diaries etc. to discover more customers living in their vicinity but previously unknown and hence expand their businesses. it also helps the people to find their everyday essentials in an easy way by helping them have the items delivered to their homes by these small scale shop owners.

How I built it

I built my web application using popular web technologies and incorporated the** api** to make a chatbot that helps users to request their required items. The chatbot then sends the request to the shop owner's page, from where the shop owner can either accept or reject the request depending on the availability of the product.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I ran into was implementing the server that helped to communicate between the shop owner and customer page. As of the date of submission I haven't yet implemented a fully functioning server. Another problem that I faced was in using a noSQL database like Firebase, as it were my first time using Firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have implemented a basic fully functional website that can at the moment accept only one request, but I am confident in improving on it in the future. I was totally doubtful of even completing the project but now I feel proud that I am able to make atleast a basic submission.

What I learned

I have learned the challenges in making an application that has to scale up to a huge user base.

What's next for Smart Shopper

In the future the Smart Shopper will extend to pharmacies as well in order to promote a safe way to get medicines during times of crisis. The Smart Shopper will also get a mobile app companion.

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