Our feet are the second heart of our body and make a real comfort shoes is one of the main concern these days.

What it does

Here we created a smart shoe which make it safer and more comfort to use.

How we built it

We use some sensors such as ultra-sonic, temperature and some other hardware and microcontroller to make shoe smarter.

Challenges we ran into

The shoe can alert all people about some obstacle which we cannot observe (this specially can be used for blind person) and even when the shoe is hot the fan is running and make it cooler.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating some hardware to make fashion staff safer and more comfort.

What we learned

Work with many staff and learning about fashion ant its technology more!

What's next for Smart Shoe

Add some more parts and clean some minor problem and introduce the project as a proposal to industry.

Built With

  • 3d-print-shoe
  • 7-segment-display
  • arduino
  • bluetooth
  • buzzer
  • dc-motor
  • ios-application
  • temperature-sensor
  • ultrasonic-sensor
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