We are tech enthusiasts and today's big cities are going towards smart Systems using IoT and Applications. Our Idea is to change our city and make it clean.

What it does

It solve the Blocked drainage and Sewage causes flooding which impacts the day to day activities of the city.

How we built it

By using Internet Of Things using micro controller D1 Mini which is connected with firebase directly over the internet and showing its data on our Progressive Web Apps

Challenges we ran into

We face Issues regarding the Internet Providers to connect the Devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We proud that we find this solution in just one day and implements its prototype .

What we learned

We learn how we can solve this such big issues by IoT and Web and mobile App and make our city clean and tidy.

What's next for Smart Sewerage System

We give this to KWSB and help govt.

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