We had faced these problems in our college like standing in the queue for ordering food and then waiting for the food to get ready in canteens and if I've found an earphone but don't know where I am supposed to report it? Found dirt in our classroom and don’t know the appropriate authority to report? Could we just directly report this in the app and the appropriate authority will take care of the situation.

What it does

Our idea is regarding an application which balances most of the needs of campus like Place food orders Event notification Cleanliness Reporting lost And found CGPA calculator As most of the colleges in India don’t have a mobile application, so we thought of making a mobile app that can easier the lives of students by certain services of college like mentioned in the problem statement.

How we built it

We have built this application using android studio and languages like Java and XML.

Challenges we ran into

 We used SQLite for local storage which we have learned in this period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have made the app which features like Darkmode, Text to speech, and simple UI.

What's next for Smart Services

We will develop smart services all the time. The next step is adding some more services like college bus tracking etc and drawing graphs using data analysis for junk food and healthy food the user is eating.

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