This is time to take initiative to reduce gap between technology and agriculture as we see the pace of change in each respective fields are not in acceptable proportion. We felt that Sericulture is one area where lot of improvement can be easily done. Currently the productivity rate is very low in Sericulture as it is reported around 40%. Also a lot of Sericulture farmers gets affected because of this. Climatic condition is the main reason for the death of silk worms and hence low production of silk. This only inspired us to come up with a solution to contribute in this domain.

What it does

Our solution maintains the climatic condition inside the Silk Farm at optimum level that is required for silkworm at each phase of its life automatically and sends the notification to the farmers in case if any action needs to be taken.

How we built it

We have the smart IoT device that is installed in the Silk Farm and that keeps sending the atmospheric condition details like the temperature, moisture, humidity, light etc to the server. The server on receiving the data samples can do the analysis and then notify the farmer in case any action is required. The threshold values for optimum level range is configurable on the server.

Challenges we ran into

Maintaining the different climatic conditions that are required for different phase was difficult. Synchronization of commands between server(automatic) and device(manual) was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to build an end to end automated solution for sericulture farms that can help the farmers a great deal to increase the productivity.

What we learned

How to optimize the complex system to give a automated solution that works seemlessly across all conditions.

What's next for Prabandh(Smart-Sericulture)

We would love to productise this solution and see the farmers making the most out of it.

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