Recently I have completed the construction of my new home in which the electrical installation is pending because I have seen so many bad incidents to people whose homes were conventional and I start thinking that how it can be secure, smart, and energy-efficient, so I have read so many articles, books and blogs on internet regarding IoT and smart building and got this idea and started implementation.

What it does

it will perform the following things:

  1. Smart: it will allow the users to just set parameters of the environment like how much light they need in the room, how much temperature need in the room, and It will automate all the day-by-day activities which we perform on daily basis like switching on/off lighting according to the presence of a person, parameter set by the person, scheduled timeline, it will start and stop water-pump according to the condition of the water tank, on, off and increase/decrease the heater of the room according to the given temperature.
  2. Secure: It will secure the building by using IR-Camera and motion detector, raise alarm by detecting unauthorized persons and anyone's presence in a locked building, it will notify the owner by sending notification by SMS, Email, or App notification.
  3. Energy Efficient: It will save energy by smart decisions based on collected data from sensors during usage and learning from user activities. ## How we built it I will build it by using three things 1. gateway, 2. sensors, and actuators 3. cross-platform app, ## Challenges we ran into Government Compliance and Physical products Production. ## Accomplishments that we're proud o Smart, Secure, and Energy Efficient Building. ## What we learned

What's next for Smart, Secure, and Energy Efficient Building

Next will be Smart, Secure, and energy-efficient City by embedding API in this project for Smart City

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