"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately, education is not universally accessible to all.

Challenge 1: There are 4 million school age refugees unable to attend school

Challenge 2: Globally there are 132 million girls out of school

We want to build a solution using Ethereum & Chainlink to promote refugee & girls education.

What it does?

Smart Scholarship:

  • Scholarship as a tool to enable positive social impact
  • Targeted scholarships to promote equity for refugee & girl students
  • Academic performance (merit) based automatic monetary disbursement
  • Transcend geography and currency boundaries to enable donors across the globe
  • Verifiable metrics & measurable impact – digitally verifiable credential for donors

Powered by Ethereum | Chainlink | Metamask

How it works?

How it works?

  1. An administrator is able to configure & set up a smart scholarship (A smart contract created on Ethereum)
  2. Donors can contribute to scholarship contracts directly from their Metamask wallet
  3. Academic institution enrols eligible students to the scholarship
  4. The smart scholarship contract makes an external call via Chainlink API to get scores, evaluate performance & rank
  5. The smart contract automatically sends scholarship money to student wallets

What we learned

  • Chainlink end to end flow
    • Request data from smart contract -> deployed oracle sends job to locally spun up node -> node hits external API -> response sent back to smart contract
  • How to build an external adapter
  • How to deploy a local chainlink node

What's next for Smart Scholarship

  • Interest building funding pools
    • The interest can be allocated based on a DAO voting mechanism (e.g. to fund the improvement of infrastructure in a specific town in a developing country)

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