The idea behind Smart-Schedule is to manage you time wisely and efficiently, while doing your best work. Say goodbye to procrastination, and take back control of your life!

What It Does

Smart-Schedule is a free service that asks you for what you want to do, and how many minutes you want to do it, and it will divide the times up in a workable amount of time for efficiency, similar to the Pomodoro Technique. Then, Smart-Schedule will create a form that organizes all your activities, and now all the user needs to do is follow the schedule.

How We Built It

We used Bubble to create our website, using HTML to add details and tidy up the UI. For the actual program, we used a mix of Javascript, CSS, JQuery, JSON, and HTML.

Challenges We Ran Into

Challenges we encountered include not being able to upload our code to Github from a local drive, and not being able to link a button to our external website. Eventually, we were able resolve these issues after many attempts.

What We Learned

We learned how to work with a variety of languages and fusing them together to create two working websites.

Built With

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