Our end goal was an app that scheduled everyday events for the user (with Google Calendar) using Android voice recognition. For example, if a user says, "Physics homework due in 2 days, takes 30 minutes," Smart Schedule finds an open 30 minute block in the users calendar before the deadline and creates such an event. Smart Schedule also accounts for larger tasks. If there isn't enough contiguous time for a task, multiple calendar events will be created at different time slots. Users can also choose whether they'd like to be proactive and take on as much of a big project as possible, or they may decide to balance the load over the entire timespan, spending a limited number of hours per day on a task. Smart Schedule also caches recent tasks so that users may quickly declare another "physics homework" task (the duration of this task is also remembered). And even with all of this customization and extraordinary event formation, Smart Schedule allows for integration with any Android calendar app (including Google Calendar). Thus, these newly created events will be accessible/editable from anywhere.

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