Sales representatives waste one-third of their time on repetitive and administrative tasks, instead of actually closing deals.

Additionally, Covid-19 is making remote work the new normal, but the numerous unintegrated apps and services used by sales representatives only make them waste even more time by having to switch between various systems.

Therefore, companies need sales automation tools to streamline processes and integrate disparate systems in the sales process to help companies close more deals.

What it does

Smart Sales is an all-in-one sales automation system to help sales representatives to close more deals.

It features:

  • AI Assistant to automate tasks and discover leads;
  • Integrated call, meeting, and email system;
  • Automated proposal creation and signing flow;
  • Customer-data enrichment;
  • Business card scanning
  • And more!

How I built it

Integrated Services, technologies, and Quickbase features used

Wit.AI Intents and Entities created

QuickBase Pipelines used in Smart Sales

Quickbase App Database model

Code pages

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges was integrating Twilio calls inside Quickbase and adding all the AI assistant code/custom UI code (which was built using AngularJS) inside Quickbase.

In the end, the solution involved using a rich text formula to include additional pages containing all the necessary code to run both the call and assistant module.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of being able to integrate so many services into Quickbase despite being the very first time I used Quickbase.

What I learned

I've learned about how much you can do with Quickbase. The possibilities are limitless!

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