Being a group of enthusiastic runners and trail aficionados, path tracking at regions without network connectivity was an important issue to us, we ended up brainstorming to solution to develop a 'run/hike tracker' which would still give you an exact path travelled without the need of live network connectivity.

What it does

This project creates a way for a user to track the path he travels especially in areas where there is no mobile network which can be used to access internet and Google Maps consequently. This project allows the user to track the path he traversed using the GPS module which is present inside smartphone itself. Smartphone is a utility that every person carries so it is also one of the most suitable devices for such an application to be made. The android application developed in MIT App Inventor allows the user to to start and end his trip and the data collected by the GPS module working offline in that trip duration will be used to create a trajectory of the path the user took.

To keep the latitude and longitude locations taken by the GPS module, we have used Firebase by Google which is a real time database. We have implemented a “Send Data” button which the user can use to send the recorded GPS data over internet when he gets back in the network zone. After all the latitude and longitude locations are updated on Firebase, the user will be able to view his trip path on Google Maps by running a python program. The program fetches the Firebase data and uses that to point the exact locations where the user went. Our program also has the functionality of tracing the path using those points and show that on Google Maps.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Google map APIs usage
  2. Removing app local data
  3. Interfacing google-map APIs with python

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Precise tracking using mobile GPS
  2. Calculation of distance and speed.
  3. Well-designed mobile application.
  4. Usage of Google-map APIs

What we learned

We learned the working of GPS, Google Maps API and creating Android applications!

What's next for Smart Runner

Next updates for the Smart Runner include interfacing Altitude sensor from mobile phone to the app and Google maps. Also, make a 3D view of the total run or hike for a cooler app interface. Adding pictures and videos linked to different locations on the run or hike will add an immersive experience to it and make a sweet memory with the run/hike.

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