The application is based on the Pedometer template in Tizen Wearable SDK. It is motivated by my (and others runners) current needs to get instant info on my current running status (I am marathon fun runner). For example, the app can provide (and configured by):

  • health parameters as actual heart beat (reserved for future, because it HRM API not supported in the current SDK), safe comfort, and dangerous speed, % of distance and time;
  • track parameters (length and time) with automatic stop and save on finish (when time or length will be reached).

The importnat thing is to provide this info in easy-seen symbolic way, because from my experience I need to glance for 1-0,5 sec on watch to see the whole state, and frequent readings of digits are very-very obtrusive during long running (>5-10-20 km). That is why symbolic alternative presentation of digital data is very important.

Some features were emulated (like heartbeat) and shoud be tested thouroughly in the next version, because speed and distance calculations are obscure in SDK. Some statistical parameters of speed distributions (and their evolving parameters during the run and exercises), which are in the basis of the application are described in the video on scientific statistical background of application in the attached video. They will be developed fully in the next professional version of the application.

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