Who doesn't want a smart fan that can cool off some heat off you while work in a hot room? It's painful enough to having to adjust the fan's direction all the time you have to move around. So I decided to build a fan that'll keep a certain distance from you at all times, but you no longer have to sweat more just to get the fan to blow wind to your face. It's sort of like a little pet that'll always follow you and blow air to your face. It'll stop if it gets too cold, but stay on until it gets to that temperature.

How I built it

Couple days of bench work!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This robot works super well, better than I expected. I was surprised by that it almost feels like a pet puppy to me whenever I use it. It's really fun to play around with, and I don't feel that much lonely when I have this fan around me.

What I learned

I learned that a smart robot that can move autonomously can improve the way we feel about life. I learned how to drive three different DC motors in 5 different controls solely by inputs from the object detecting camera.

What's next for Smart RoboFan Pet

Next step for Smart RoboFan Pet is to upgrade its design, add some more clever features to it, even a LCD monitor screen, and more fans around it too, so that it'll be smaller yet much more powerful of a fan that can even make some sound as well.

Built With

  • arduino
  • dc-motors
  • h-bridges
  • light-sensor
  • pixy
  • temperature-sensor
  • wheels
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