In the case of Natural or Man-made calamaties, Rescue of people and Animals becomimng a Challenge.

Our Projects detects Humans, Animals, Signs and Gestures. And mimics the Human vision and makes decision as like as Human.

Identifying objects for the purpose of Rescue is a challenge for Human-eye, to avoid this we use Computer Vision.

What it does and How we built it

We created Dataset in which all types of Gestures and Objects are included and Trained. which helps to recognize and detect various Hand Gestures, Signs , objects and persons.

We use Drones inspite of Helicopters and Land-Vehicles for Rescue purpose. And we attached Camera, GSM and GPS modules along with above mentioned DataSet, which detects Real-time objects and Tracks location then sends location along with visuals.

Challenges we ran into

Processing of Bulk of Data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving existing problem around us

What we learned

New Technologies and New Challenges

What's next for Smart Rescue System

We would like to implement this drone that capable of transportation organs in between cities or location.

Built With

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