We are in an epidemic process that affects our world, we are devastated, we lose and we try not to lose anymore. The year is 2020. A virus that we cannot see visually is responsible for this pandemic and is called Covid-19. However, did you know that it is possible to correct environmental pollution, which will be the biggest visible problem in our world, even after that hand in hand. We pollute our nature, we pollute our land, air and seas with waste that is kept in nature for millions of years without any degradation and endanger the life of living things. As a result, glaciers are melting, the sea level is rising, animals are extinct, our forests are disappearing, the climate is changing and human health is deteriorating. We consume more of our resources for our more needs, and since we do not meet these resources ourselves, our economic added value is also lost.

What is it doing

SmartRecycle is a smart waste container that separates different recycling materials from the source with a professionally developed sensor (o-ray). Project that protects recyclable materials and returns them to their life cycle. This project will protect the environment and our future.

How we built

sensor • It produc by us, which we call O-Ray, to distinguish the raw material of materials with our new generation remotely updated & programmable sensor technology. Artificial intelligence • All charts compare and offer judgment. • It creates a deep and realistic structure from the recyclability of waste to the habits of solid waste and waste packaging needs. Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Image Processing • Algorithms that provide logical and rational results in the selection of the machine, • Creates its own rules; Which one is organic and which one is inorganic waste distinguish with their processes, • Thanks to image processing, pixels turn into code and recognize waste.

The challenges we face

technical problems and material supply

Achievements we are proud of

Waste recovery from nature. Potential customer demands. Zero Waste Project.

What we learned

We learned the basic logic of sensors and artificial intelligence networks.

What's next for Smart Recycling?

The machine produces its energy and transfers data between sensors with high artificial intelligence activities.

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