What is the current problem it will solve?

Traditional quarantine has a huge long and short-terms negative impacts on Business and the whole economy. Recently people as well as some world leaders are calling for easing the lockdown measures, But lifting lockdown measures might leads to a second wave of infection. The bugling question now is:

How to ease the lockdown measures without letting the new coronavirus spread among people?

The objective of the app:

At the society or community level the answer to the previous question directly leads to the traditional quarantine. An interesting answer to this problem could be obtained by if we look at the individuals level.

Instead of trying to set up a global lockdown measures why don’t we develop a smart quarantine system that creates individuals based lockdown measures.

The proposed smart quarantine system tries to find a balance between reducing the spread of the new coronavirus, and at the same time ensure business continuity. Thus at the bottom line the proposed smart quarantine AI system tries to solve the following optimization problem.

What are the optimal individuals based lockdown measures, that maximizes the economic growth indicators and at the same time minimizes the risk of infection of every individual.

The system that we propose is a real-time dynamical quarantine system, that allow the max possible number of individual to go out and practice their everyday life in such a way that the risk of infection due to mixing is as low as possible.

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