Inspiration: In a world where people are getting more and more connected due to the IOT technologies, people in developing countries find the cost of just joining the conversation prohibitive. However, when combining IOT technologies and a more mobile money solution it becomes possible to enable certain business models as well as financial services to these people. Still companies like M-Kopa that follow a sort of similar pay as you go model find it hard to keep up with operating costs. So, this is a an exploration of a more grass roots approach.

What it does The demonstration is for a theoretical display that can be used to advertise. People are free to rent display time, and the money is distributed fairly through the use of a smart contract to the "investors"

How I built it I had been working on the smart contract as an open source project for a while, and I decided it could be cool to polish it more and show it to people.

Challenges I ran into were that I didn't have enough time to do an "owner" display to show the money distributing towards investors, but it is still possible to see that the system does work.

Accomplishment is that I mainly worked on this by myself, and I think it is still a pretty good demonstration despite the limited time I had.

What I learned I learned it isn't such a great idea to start at the halfway point of the hackathon, and miss out on all the cool hardware.

What's next for Smart Property remains to be seen.

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