The most annoying places covered by mosquitoes waiting to attack poor people are at entrances of buildings which inspired me to come up with this idea, ‘controlling the population of mosquitoes at entrance of buildings by installing smart poles at these over-populated locations’.

What it does

Smart poles attract mosquitos by light, colour, smell, and diet, which are attractive to them, then will trap them inside the pole. A specific part, ‘cartridge’ of the pole is design to trap mosquitos via net or other similar equipment, which would be easily accessible by a person to change/empty it and then put it back (it could also be serviced/replaced).

How to build it

The body of the pole could be metal or wood, and its location is as close as possible to entrance of buildings, since these are the places people are mainly attacked by mosquitos. The ‘cartridge’ of the pole should be designed at an accessible height, so it could be targeted by mosquitos, and easily and regularly serviced by operators.

The cost of installing these poles would be fairly low, since they are only needed at entrance of buildings.

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