With capabilities of smart poles, a new set of applications need to be built to provide better services and business opportunities for smart cities.

What it does

  • Smart pole screen application: Runs on the infotainment screen of smart poles to provide public information (such as weather, traffic etc), personalized ads, virtual assistants to the citizens of the smart cities.
  • Smart pole connected mobile application: Allows citizens of smart cities to get various up-to-date information about the cities, traffic, weather, public safety etc. In combination with Smart pole screen application, it also opens up capability to provide personalized ads.

How we built it

  • Terraform/AWS: Are to provision cloud infrastructure for the applications.
  • React native: Is used to build the mobile application.
  • React/Material-UI: Is used to build the application for the smart pole screen.
  • Python/Machine learning: Is used to detect street shooting, fighting, terrorism, traffic accident etc.

Challenges we ran into

Due to limited time and resources, we couldn't finish everything we want to build.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with the idea and got the very basic prototype up & running in a very limited time frame. All the design is also done by us developers, which is something we don't usually do on the daily basis :)

What we learned

Smart poles open up many new opportunities for the smart cities. By participating in the hackathon, we also learned about the new horizon that 5G and the upcoming 4th industrial revolution are going to provide to our lives.

What's next for Smart Poles

We'll continue finalize our ideas and applications to hopefully make them come true one day.

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